March or April, 2014 – Chatham, Ontario, Canada – Daytime



Description: To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to explain my witness to a white orb high in the skies as well.

I was at work in Chatham, Ontario. I can’t remember what time of day, but it was daytime. My shifts are all over the place as a customer service rep and I have no one shift. I was out having a smoke break. I was alone except for one other person who was walking out behind me to their car. They did not see what I saw, although I did ask and explained to them. Others came out after the fact.

The only clue as to the time may be that the moon was high in the south sky. It was an almost full moon or may have been full, but I don’t remember. I was facing south a bit to the east and the moon lay high in front of me. It was most likely the Spring of 2014, as we were still wearing jackets. It was maybe March or April as I quit in June. I was staring up at it when I saw a white orb about the ratio that the earth is to Jupiter. I saw it appear and then it began its descent toward the southeast to a point still above the horizon and then it disappeared. I thought is was an airplane until it disappeared. Deep down I knew it wasn’t, but I just watched it to see what it could be. There was nothing on the horizon that could hide it. It just disappeared well above it. I was staring up at the moon after and it was within about a minute that another orb appeared in the exact same place to which it descended in the same path and disappeared at the same point. It was now that I realized it wasn’t a plane or bird or anything I have seen. I was not shaken, but in amazement as I realized it was my first ‘UFO’ experience. A buddy I knew walked up, finishing a smoke before his shift and another came out and had a smoke. I discussed it with them and they are believers, but I didn’t think they believed me. I went in and told my buddy to keep watch and let me know if it happened again. I joked with everyone inside work that I had seen my first UFO, but laughed it off with them and never spoke of it again. It was only now that I began a search of it to see if anyone else saw it. I have attached a sort of map of what I saw. Again, I was facing south and the moon was higher and out further than what I drew and where it disappeared was out further and to my left.

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