Marine Recalls UFO at Gitmo. Radar Confirms.

Location of Sighting: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Date of Sighting: Aug, 1973 to Nov, 1974
Time of Sighting: Around Dusk

Description:  I contacted & spoke with a US Marine that witnessed sighting & reported it. He was stationed at Gitmo, Cuba (“The Rock”) windward side, Marine Barracks. He was working from the border tower next to the old base commander house. He stated it was getting close to dusk when he noticed from his tower that the water on the back side from his tower started changing colors. A UFO surfaced, hovered and then departed after a brief period. He claims that the the naval radar located on the leeward side of Gitmo confirmed the sighting. The UFO was gone before the jet(s) were scrambled. His tour of duty was 1 year. I am not sure when the marine experienced his sighting, but I arrived Aug 7, 1974 and left on Nov 7, 1975. His story was one of the first things that I heard when I arrived and reported to the leeward side marine barracks. I suspected that the witness’s time frame might be from Aug, 1973 to Nov, 1974. I was the Corporal of the Guard at OP-Barracks. Anyone Stationed at the Gitmo Marine Barracks Leeward-Side 1973-1974 should be able to remember this. We are only talking about approximately 30 Marines.

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