Massive Neon Glowing Boomerang Object Floats Slow.

Location of Sighting: New York City, New York
Date of Sighting: December 19, 2019
Time of Sighting: 10:30 PM EST

Description: While on the outdoor observation deck (70th floor), my wife was looking up and immediately stated “Holy s*** that’s a UFO”. I looked at her funny and just before looking up myself I noticed a young English woman right next to us was looking up as well and saw the same thing. As an aircraft mechanic, I initially expected to see some kind of aircraft they just didn’t recognize, but to my surprise what I saw was certainly nothing (known to the public) from this planet. Just above the thin cloud layer, a massive faintly neon glowing Boomerang shaped craft was floating by at a shockingly slow speed. There was no sound, or anything flashy about it. It was just a giant winged object with an almost “fading glow-in-the-dark” appearance. I started looking for a light source from bellow, thinking that it may have been just something being projected from the street, but realized the object was 100% above the clouds, as I could see parts of it being blocked by said clouds. We must have watched it in awe for what seemed like a full 5 minutes before it was out of sight.

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