Matt Black Triangular Object With Dim White Lights on Perimeter.

Location of Sighting: Hayden, Idaho
Date of Sighting: October 6, 2020
Time of Sighting: 8:20 PM PDT

Description: I just saw a triangular shaped craft go right over my head it looked like an arrowhead with lights on the outside of it on the perimeter. It was heading from North to barely southwest. It was absolutely silent, it was huge and it was great. I’m an ex-cop and I’m a veteran. I know what I saw it was great. I have never seen a craft like this before.

More Information Supplied by Witness: It was matt black, had dim white lights equidistantly spaced on the perimeter. None were colored or blinking. There was absolutely no sound. I had been sitting in my car listening to 590 AM KQNT Spokane to the 8 o’clock news about Eddie Van Halen dying today from cancer and getting ready to open a gate. I am very visually oriented and I detected motion (white) above me in the sky. I actually thought I was going to see an owl flying overhead. I quickly looked up (owls are cool) and saw this craft, ghosting through the sky. I am a former cop, an former Army cop as well, and what they used to call a “trained observer.” Only saw it for 3 to 4 seconds, but those seconds will be etched in my memory forever. Unless you happened to be looking up, you never would have seen it, and it could have been smoke for all the noise it made. I had noted, getting out of the car (facing East) that Mars was directly in front of me, Venus was high and to my right and there was no moon.

I just got home from work, was carrying several thousand dollars in cash on me. I am very aware of what is around me most of the time, but especially in those circumstances. We used to call that condition “situational awareness.”

I just thought I should report it. Obviously radar wasn’t triggered anywhere.

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  1. Observer says:

    Venus is in the morning sky, not the evening sky.

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