May 1, 2014 – Dalton, Georgia – 9:30 PM EDT

Description: I arrived home about 9:30 PM and I thought I saw lightning from the East to West. I watched as about 5 lights were blinking really fast, from back to front, and VERY big and they were bright white. They were in a straight row and far apart (as a laser would look, but blinking in sequence). I could not see what they were attached to, but was obvious they were connected to something BIG. It covered half of the sky from my viewpoint ( trees and mountains in the way). It moved to the West toward the crescent moon. They were VERY high up. I got my neighbor and he saw it also. He said the lights had to be miles apart and could not be planes flying together or following each other. (He has had a pilot’s license.) It moved rather quickly, but being so huge, it took a while to disappear. (I had time to run in the house and call him to come out.) It had traveled half way across sky, but he could still see the 5 lights. They blinked so fast that I had a hard time counting them. (I think there were 5, but there could have been more.) A plane came over (from the other direction) as the lights disappeared and my neighbor said the plane was about 10,000 feet up, and what we saw had to be way higher. It sure freaked me out. If they were connected to a craft,it would have been miles long. It was over Walmart on Shugart Road. My cousin saw one about 10:00 PM in Chatsworth, GA. Chatsworth is East of here about 15 miles away. My cousin saw colored lights. They didn’t sound like the same lights that we saw.

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