May 11, 2012 – Whitby, Ontario, Canada – 11:16 AM EDT

Photo of Object With Notations by Witness.

Photo of Object With Notations by Witness.

Description: Hi William: Hope you are keeping well there. I thought to report an interesting UFO sighting over Whitby, Ontario. On Friday, May 11th 2012 while at home in western Oshawa bordering the township of Whitby I was in the kitchen and looked out the patio door facing west. Astonished I noticed directly west in the clear sky over the city a white roundish object making loop to loops in a given area. Instantly I grabbed my camera from the kitchen table and went outside. As I came out I was still watching it.
Characteristics of observation of the sighting:
1. It moved in tight circles at about 10,000 feet (a guess)
2. It wasless than a mile away from my position.
3. Also it faded on and off out going translucent to disappearing.

I took five pictures in trying to capture what my eyes were witnessing at 11:16 AM. Then after the last picture was taken I noticed it was now gone. I was still watching the area of the sky after 10 minutes. I could no longer see it. It was gone. The sighting lasted about 40 seconds in total. When reviewing the pictures taken I was fortunate enough to get one picture on a zoom of this unknown. If you examine the photo of this white object you will see that this unknown object appears disk shaped. My apologies for the black blotches in the photo. This is due to a very well used camera. Later that day on May 11th I bought a new better camera for capturing better images:
Olympus SZ -14 (14 MP – 24x Optical Zoom).

Note: It is quite unusual for witnesses to see an unusual object in the daytime and especially unusual that they get a good photo of it.

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