May 11, 2013 – Portland, Oregon – 8 PM PDT



Description: On May 11th at 8 PM I was sitting on my back patio facing Northeast in a chair when something caught my eye from due East. In formation came thirteen UFOs one behind the other so low at first I thought they were big balloons, but the way the maneuvered I said to myself these are not balloons as I jumped up from my chair in awe. They were round and beautiful glowing gold. The lead one veered to the south AS IT CAME NEAR ME and the rest broke formation and followed! I ran for the camera and managed to get several pictures as they headed south. I just stood there stunned at what I had witnessed and sorry I could not have gotten pictures of them when they were so low and beautiful. However, I was stunned to see 2 more approach very low the first was larger than all others maybe because it was so low. I said to myself, who are you friend or foe do you want to be friends? To my shock they both stopped and hovered. Suddenly I felt very nauseous and both turned slightly to my right and move behind me, I ran AROUND THE HOUSE and there they were. I took some more shots but the pictures were blank. They disappeared instantly. For several days I tried to find local reports and I found NONE! My neighbors saw nothing! I contacted the Air National guard. They had no reports and I sent them a picture and a report. I never heard back from them!

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2 Responses to May 11, 2013 – Portland, Oregon – 8 PM PDT

  1. Kenneth Larson says:

    What is disturbing is the UFO sighter seeing the 13 golden UFOs in the evening sky and taking photos, but the next day neighbors said they saw nothing and the same for the Air National Guard. I think people are conditioned to not believe in UFOs and take the preconceived opinion that they don’t exist and therefore are not true or real. This is what woodcutter Travis Walton said in his 2010 book FIRE IN THE SKY. When the seven woodcutters saw the golden UFO hovering over the ground near Snowflake, Arizona, November 5, 1975, the police and various experts came to the scene and told the woodcutters that UFOs didn’t exist and that the woodcutters had probably got drunk and had a fight and somebody pulled out a gun and shot Walton dead and then hid the body. So 5 days later, on November 10, 1975, Walton woke up on a highway and told friends and the police he had been taken aboard the UFO and examined for 5 days and met about seven humanoids some of whom wore medical garb and examined him like medical doctors do in hospitals. Walton said he wrote the 4th edition book in order to explain just what happened and in turn gives talks about the extraordinary 1975 event to audiences around the world. The many UFO videos seen on YouTube helps educate the public so as to take more intelligent views of the extraordinary worldwide UFO phenomon that ranges back into past centuries and depicts sightings and drawings made by ancient humans.

  2. Rebecca Richardson says:

    This is an awesome sighting. I live just north of you in Vancouver. I have never seen any orbs/UFO’s, but will certainly keep my eyes open.

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