May 11, 2013 – San Jose, California – 9 or 10 PM PDT



Description: I saw some lights tonight while driving down Highway 101 and it looked sort of in the way of 87 and the airport. I thought they were planes, but they were really bright orange lights all moving the same direction pretty quickly.

Response of Witness to Investigator Questions: The photo was taken in San Jose, California on Highway 101 and McKee. The lights were like somewhere above the airport and were flying south. They moved slowly and were pulsing orange. No problem the picture isn’t very good, but you can see the orange lights by the light post and there were several more. I could see them going down Highway 101 North in my car and I am sure many saw it.

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  1. Mike Hernandez says:

    Yes, I saw something, I have a picture in my cellphone. The photo is not clear. There were about 6 to 7 lights. I was on Mabury RD and 101. And as you, I thought they were airplanes too close each other. My concern was how San Jose airport was to handle their landing. Once lights were behind each other, they were changing position, forming columns of 3 and the seventh one apart, started dimming until they were gone.

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