May 13, 2001 – Hamilton, Alabama – 9:30 PM CDT

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Description: There were three of us. We were sitting in our yard. We looked out into the overgrown garden/field, which is when I saw the spinning, not sequenced, altering bright lights. I strongly remember the colors and how some were bright, but some were dark colors. It seemed when it slowed the greens and reds were more evident, the faster was more near a white perhaps. Anyway I could see the center barely. It seemed to almost not have a center mass. Rather it seemed to be THE EFFECT of light being emitted if that makes since, but then the backseat passenger asked do you see that. That is when I said yes and our driver steps out and opened his knife and watched (he was frightened), but it fizzled out. I remember seeing this several other times in that same year. I didn’t want to sound crazy which is why I am just now reporting it. I felt I just had to share and see if the sighting details may help solve someone else’s case. Key factors: It spun, shined lights dark at slow spins and brighter at faster ones. It was quiet, seemed to be low to the ground, but not directly on it. Nothing and no one was in the field. (We did check.) The sighting probably lasted 2 minutes Thanks and PS the other witnesses still live here in this town. They are nice guys and married now as am I.

Note: This is an interesting sighting, but it is somewhat difficult to follow the report because the witness says they were sitting in the backyard and then talks about being in a car?

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