May 14, 2012 – York, Pennsylvania – 2:32 PM EDT

Description: In 2003 I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and I heard voices and energy. I can also see energy. I had to be on medication at first, but back then I understood that they were spiritual gifts. To make a long story short, I heard the energy of a star-ship hovering around me and it never left my side. The ship was cloaked.

In 2004 I started college at Penn State York. In 2008 I received an associate’s degree. On November 6, 2009 I started hearing more than one spaceship. There was a whole fleet by my side. I had a close encounter with more than one extra-terrestrial. We would talk. I can tell what ship, or ships are hovering around me because of the sound it makes. I got used to talking with them and spirits by the sound of their voices. The ships and extra-terrestrials are cloaked. They never uncloaked around me.

The extra-terrestrials said that they will follow me wherever I go. There is more to my story, but I just wanted this to be the start of finding hard evidence of their existence. I contacted S.E.T.I, and I am waiting for a reply. A spirit told me that “In the spirit realm I am a celebrity, and you have a close encounter”. Well, I hope you come in contact with me in the near future. I would like some feedback from you. I am not scared of them at all, and I love having their attention.

Note: Obviously this witness has some mental illness. He is quite honest about this. Certainly the mental illness casts doubt on the veracity of his experiences.

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5 Responses to May 14, 2012 – York, Pennsylvania – 2:32 PM EDT

  1. Robin Brown says:

    I have students I teach with mental illness as well as autism who have a much greater sense of intuition and the energy that exists in our world. Their experiences are real, but somewhat skewed by their illness. I also have had a student who was virtually normal by most standards who could see energy in people. I am extremely artistic with no math or organizational skills, but I have seen a lot of UFOs and some orbs. Sometimes I wish I couldn’t see these things bacause of what people must think sometimes, but I have always had these abilities. I know research has shown people with depression and other mental illnesses have brains that are wired differently. Having these abilities or intuitive gifts are a form of giftedness just as in math or science. We just don’t place an importance on them. They are undefinable and therefore scarey to most people so we think people with these gifts are weird or insane.

  2. Joan says:

    On the question of mental illness, I have to wonder how much of it is inspired by the perceptions of UFOs and entities, that are of a nature not commonly recognized by others. If one is gaining access to another dimensional field, they would be perceiving a reality, though one not consistant with the shared experience. What differentiates one who receives a diagnosis is when these perceptions interfere with daily life, and the experiencer insists on trying to convince others of the reality they are perceiving. I’ve had my own bout of mental illness along this line. Yet, the UFO sightings that preceded it, which defied any scientific credibility, were objectively witnessed by others. None-the-less, these objective reports could not be factored into what may have caused my confusion, because science and medicine cannot yet recognize the UFO phenomena. I suspect that the reporter shares my hope that this recognition will occur, so that psychology can evolve to the point of helping the individual reconcile these unusual perceptions, and remain focused and committed to this aspect of shared reality, which is how we define sanity.

    • Administrator says:

      You raise some good points. There are some who believe that some mentally ill people really do see reality and that they can because of different brain structure.

      • Joan says:

        My husband and his brother have done a great deal of research on EVP. They cannot reach a solid conclusion as to the exact origin of the voices that appear, as is often the case with other serious researchers. There may be diverse sources, and some theorize that it is even a projection from within the investigator. What is interesting is that when one becomes immersed in listening to the voices, over time they may begin to manifest on an audible level while they are recording. Generally this signals the need to take a hiatus from the work, as they can then become audible even when unsolicited. This does raise the question of what one is perceiving while “hearing voices”. There seems to be a link to telepathy, and a possibility of a shared medium of communication.

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