May 15, 2014 – Anderson, South Carolina – 11 PM EDT

Description: It was late at night. My husband and son weres inside and I stepped outside on the back porch to smoke when I saw a very bright light like a shooting star. I thought it was a plane at first with bright lights. It was moving up, but at an angle. Suddenly it gained speed moving over my house and within seconds it shot across the sky so fast I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I ran to the front of my house to see if it was still in sight from there, but it was gone. It was so bright I couldn’t see the shape. It was close, but like an airplane view. It made no sound!! My entire neighborhood lit up like the sun was out, but it was 11 o’clock at night. I never believed in aliens prior to this event. Now I can’t stop researching everything I can find about UFO’s. My husband came outside to investigate. He told me 3 years ago he saw the same thing except it had blue flames behind it and he said it made a loud zipping sound and looked to crash in the neighbor’s backyard, but he did not hear anything like a crash. He said it went right over the house just like what I saw.

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