May 16, 2005 – Oneida, Illinois – 3:30 AM CDT

Description: I saw 2 very bright lights at approximately 3:30 AM in the east. I watched and they appeared to be moving. I had been an air traffic controller at Moline (IL) airport and figured it to be the early morning flight from Peoria to Moline. But this was moving way too slowly for an aircraft and it was way too early for the 06:00 flight. I am also a commercial pilot. I watched as this object moved toward my location. I did not hear anything. I turned down the radio and rolled down the window. I could hear nothing. I turned off my truck and still heard nothing. It moved closer and appeared to be about 500 feet above ground level. I heard NO sounds at all. It moved directly over the top of my truck and continued west-northwesterly very slowly. I am also an amateur photographer and had several cameras in the back of my truck. I was so awe stuck, I just watched in amazement and never thought of getting a camera. I told the guys at the coffee shop and they laughed. I asked an early sales rep in the store if she had ever seen anything strange around here early in the morning. She replied “You mean like LIGHTS?” I said yes and she said YES! This object appeared rectangular and extemely large (like 3 football fields).

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2 Responses to May 16, 2005 – Oneida, Illinois – 3:30 AM CDT

  1. Barb G says:

    Whatever this was it was seen by the military satellites that North America has covering this whole section of the country including Canada and all of South America. But none of us will ever see anything about the sightings no matter what they look like. The military has always denied all. But if some one could get some clear photos or video of the object that would really help.

  2. Joan says:

    My husband and I have witnessed a rectangle of enormous size in 2009, sitting stationary on a ridge, in association with other UFO and Electromagnetic activity. It was revealed to us by a slight mist which emanated from an object slightly below it, which had displayed highly anomalous behavior. The mist started at the western edge of the object, then moved horizonally to reveal its solid, gray structure. Once the object was revealed in the wake of the mist, we were afforded a long, detailed view of it. It sat horizontally on the ridge, and was divided by perpendicular lines revealing five sections. It was a gun-metal gray, with no lights in evidence. Then the mist appeared at the eastern edge and moved back west, the rectangle disappearing in its wake, retracting finally back into the UFO below. As I stated, this was only a part of a much larger display that defies explanation.

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