May 14, 2012 – UFO Nearly Causes Aircraft Collision Over Denver

Radar Graphic Showing Flight of Business Jet & Possible "UFO" Returns.

Radar Graphic Showing Flight of Business Jet & Possible “UFO” Returns.

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Listen to Business Jet Reporting Near Collision With Object (YouTube Posting):

UFO Over Denver.

UFO Over Denver.

May 14, 2012 5:17 PM MDT
A UFO, which did not show up on radar, nearly caused a mid-air collision over the skies of Denver with a corporate jet on Monday evening and officials have no idea what it was.

Because the private pilot was the only witness, and due to the lack of any radar signature, the incident falls into the category of an encounter with an unidentified flying object.

But, listening to the frightened pilot’s radio transmission at the time of the event, which is included in the video news report below, makes it clear that something was in the air which should not have been there.

FAA officials, of course, are falling short of the UFO classification, instead speculating that the object was either a surveillance drone, a remote-controlled aircraft or a very large bird.

Pointing out that the pilot saw the object for only a moment, which was enough to cause alarm, and citing the lack of any radar information, the incident is being investigated further.

Recently, debate has begun as to whether or not the same kind of drones which are being used for surveillance and air attacks in war zones should be employed over the American homeland has many people worried.

But if those drones do not show up on radar, the controversy enters an entirely different phase, pinning air safety as a major concern.

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Radar Analysis Summary: The above radar graphic shows the business jet (FIV 608) flying northwest. At 5:17 MDT the pilot radioed that he saw an object what he thought may have been a remote controlled aircraft fly below him “the other way” at close range. The radar graphic above tracks an object that was moving the other way at the time of the sighting. (See red squares in above graphic.) The aircraft was on approach to Jefferson County Airport (in Broomfield, CO). This airport is to the northwest of Denver. The aircraft was flying at about 8,000 feet when the object was sighted. It is quite unlikely that this craft was an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) because these craft are not allowed in controlled airspace. The FAA currently is working out details of permitting UAVs in controlled airspace. The only UAVs permitted in controlled airspace are operations by DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). If the DEA was conducting operations, the FAA would have refused to release the radar data. (These operations are classified.) Given this scenario perhaps this was a genuine UFO. The radar confirms the position of the object although detail tracking (several sequential returns) was not indicated. Also it is quite doubtful that this was a “model rocket” given that it was reported to have been flying horizontally at near 8,000 feet.

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9 Responses to May 14, 2012 – UFO Nearly Causes Aircraft Collision Over Denver

  1. andrew simmering says:

    I work for a Colorado CO. building UAS aircraft. This is the proper term for unmanned aerial systems. Any UAS flown out of the line of sight of the operator would have to be autonomous. It is currently a violation of FAA regulation to fly unmanned aircraft in anything, but a controlled test range. Yes there are field demonstrator systems being tested and flown by Border Patrol and DEA officials. This is strictly controlled. If a private builder of some UAS aircraft were to fly in violation of FAA in the continental US, this could put the needed deployment of such aircraft in US airspace at risk, as well as the blatant disregard for lives and property this sort of thing would not be done by any responsible manufacturer of UAS aircraft. There is a model aircraft flying field in the area, but these hobbyists are very safety oriented and flying even a 1/3 scale model any thing over 1/2 mile away is not done. We need to be smart about investigating this sort of thing and believe me the powers to be want to know exactly what happened here.

    • Administrator says:


      Thanks very much for sending your useful comments. Your information is consistent with what I have been told: If UAS are flying (DEA or Border Patrol) the FAA knows about it. They will redact radar data if the DEA is active. To my knowledge they did not redact any radar data.

  2. Joel Small says:

    Mr. Puckett, could you please stay on top of this as best that you can with the limited resources available to you, as I would like to know if this was somebody’s U.A.V.? I sort of have some doubts about this object being a U.A.V., but like I said they are more commonly used by anyone and everyone than most people think. I see that there may have been ground witnesses to this event, so it would have been great if they would speak to you somehow about what they saw. Thanks for your great work!

  3. catherine says:

    Some think it was a weather balloon. Hmmmm where have we heard that before? Hmmm it does ring a bell. LOL.

    • Administrator says:

      The weather balloon explanation is quite weak. Weather balloons are launched at 6 AM & 6 PM MDT. They stay airborne about an hour (sometimes slight more). The incident occurred 9:50 AM MDT which is well beyond the time when a weather balloon would have been airborne. The debunkers better find another explanation!

  4. Sharon says:

    Hey FAA, the pilot wasn’t the only witness to the object. I had two ladies over for late lunch and we were sitting on my back deck, facing northwest, and watched the object plain as day. It looked like a long balloon (very large with zagged edges), it would go along horizonically and then would go vertically along. It was amazing to watch. We were hoping others saw what we saw!

    • Administrator says:


      Thanks for your comments. Do you remember the time that you saw the object? Where were you located? Did you see the jet aircraft?

  5. Joel Small says:

    This pilot undoubtedly almost ran into some sort of aerial object and it didn’t register on radar. I think there is a distinct possiblity that this was a surveillance drone used either by local law agencies, even the D.E.A., or the Federal Government for whatever reason. It also could have been somebodie’s remote controlled device as ubiquitous and inexpensive as they can be. The main big problems are that it came way too close to a plane and could have caused serious damage, injury, or even death, and the F.A.A. should find out who owns that device and inform the public of their findings. The other problem is that it didn’t show up on whatever radar capacity was being used at that facility. Was this because the object was too small to show up? If so this shortcoming should be corrected as this sort of thing has occurred more than once.

    • Administrator says:

      A drone aircraft should have shown up on radar. I find it hard to believe that the DEA and/or the U.S. Government would be operating a drone in controlled airspace without the FAA’s knowledge. I know that the FAA is aware of DEA activities (tracking on radar) because that is one reason that they can reject a FOIA request for radar data. (This has happened to me.)

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