May 16, 2013 – Lake Kabetogama, Minnesota – 10 PM CDT

Description: On Thursday May 16th myself an two friends were staying at Lake Kabetogama in Minnesota very near the Canadian border. At first I witnessed a orange bright light that appeared to be rising from the lake at a fairly slow speed. My first thought was someone was lighting off some sort of fireworks from one of the many small islands that dot the lake. This orange light then started traveling from north to south at again a fairly slow speed. At this point all of us were really amazed at what this could be. It then got to be about even with us and the orange glow all of a sudden appeared to be square shaped and quite large (house size) with some flickering lights along the perimeter of the square. At this point this was unlike what any of us had ever seen and we were all blown away at what we were seeing. The night was still with not a breath of wind. The object then started to travel south again, slowly gained altitude and flew out of sight. We were all saying what the hell was that thing. About four minutes later another bright orange light appeared in the western sky a long ways away and again flew from north to south. It was the exact same thing. This time it was just farther away. There just was not any explanation as to what this was. It truly was a UFO. It was simply amazing.

Response to Investigator Questions: Thank you for your reply to myself. Yes, Lake Kabetogama is quite remote here in northern Minnesota. The following evening we asked some other fishermen if they saw any lights in the sky last night. They said that one of their party actually did see a bright orange light travel from north to south at about 10:00 PM and flew over sandy point resort, which happened to be the resort we were staying at. That is where we observed the orange traveling light, which when it stopped almost above us, appeared to be a large square, silent object. So we were not the only people who witnessed this strange, strange sighting. Also when I told a good friend about this he said to contact a mutual friend who had told him that last summer while vacationing with his family on Lake Kabetogama saw bright a bright orange sphere traveling through the sky. I have yet to contact this person, and ask him about his sighting. I myself drove mining equipment in the Taconite Mines here in Minnesota and worked many night shifts. I have witnessed many “northern lights,” many falling stars, airplanes and other moving objects at great heights in the night time sky. But let me tell you this was STRANGE! The height was not that high in the sky and the size was amazing. In your opinion was the square shape the strange part? Thanks for taking the time to talk to me about this. In my mind I know the close proximity to the Minnesota Canadian border comes to mind and what the governments may have in their hands, but I know what three of us saw that evening was surely unique.

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