May 18, 2014 – London, England – 9:45 PM Local Time

Description: I searched for “triangular lights in sky over London” and came across your blog. I wanted to send you a note about what I saw last night and see if perhaps you have an explanation. I was watching the fireworks from our 2nd floor bedroom window last night. The window faces due east. We are on the north edge of town, so as I look straight out. It lines up somewhat with the airport. Commercial planes routinely fly over our house as they land or take off. As I looked further to my right (south), around 9:45 PM or so I saw three orangey lights forming a triangular shape in the distance. The lights were not blinking and I heard no sound. They seemed to be “gliding,” but in unison with each other. They were moving from right to left from my field of view and then seemed to veer east towards airport, but then one, and shortly thereafter, the other two lights, just faded out. About 30 minutes later I heard more fireworks, so I looked out the window again, and saw the exact same thing. My wife saw them at this time too.

I don’t know if these were “Chinese lantern” type things (after all it is Victoria day weekend, so what better time to let them off?) Or perhaps the lights could have been a trio of small aircraft flying in formation? Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos. (I didn’t want to lose sight of the object(s)). We have been living at our house for 9 years, and this is the first time we saw something like this.

Any thoughts?

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