May, 1960 – Flint, Michigan – 9 PM Central Time

Description: In 1960 I was 15 and sitting on the hill overlooking the Chevrolet Manufacturing Plant near the corner of Glenwood and N. Chevrolet Ave. around 9 PM. The entrance to the plant was to the right. It was very dark and I noticed a bright star to my right. I watched it grow larger very slowly until it came over the Chevy plant. It seemed to get very bright until it was close enough to see the object. It moved toward the plant where it hovered above. I was looking down at it at that time. It seemed like a light getting brighter until it came closer to the plant and I was able to see the object clearly. It appeared to be gun metal grey and was elongated similar to a cigar shape. It moved slowly and silently over the plant until it was directly over the building. It appeared to have a forward facing flood light that shone a large beam of white light. The light swiveled down at the plant and I could see the beam move. It sat there silently for what seemed like a few minutes. The beams swiveled up again and the object shot up into the sky and disappeared faster than anything I had ever seen. It was completely silent throughout the sighting. This is the first time I have had a chance to report this sighting. I ran home at the time and told my mother. She called the airport to see if there were any flights in the area ant there were none. We did not know who to tell so we didn’t. I was with a boy, but he denied seeing anything at all after our friends made fun of us.

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