May 20, 2012 – Lenoir, North Carolina – 3:30 AM EDT

[map z=”5″ address=”Lenoir, North Carolina” w=”550″ h=”300″ marker=”yes” maptype=”HYBRID”]

Description: My 3 friends were having an all night video game hang out, and I went outside for a smoke break and they both followed. We were sitting on the porch, and chatting. One of my friends was sitting on the steps of the porch and looking down. (He was possibly texting. I do not remember.) And my other friend was a foot behind me and standing to my left. Well we were at a trailer park and around this trailer park it is heavily wooded. When you step out on the porch there is a tree line. So we were all talking outside on the porch laughing, and I had this funny feeling, like I was being watched. I turned my head, and I saw it. It was a cigar shaped object with two VERY dim red lights on each end of the craft. It hovered there for one second, then it came up higher from the tree line into full view about 250 to 300 feet away from us and about 50 to 70 feet high. Then it rose up higher, and made a 180 degree turn (Slowly) and shot up and out of sight. When it did this, it revealed it’s pointed front end (Triangle) so it came out of the woods, completely flat and appeared to be cigar shaped, but in reality it was a triangle shaped object. The event lasted roughly 6 to 7 seconds. After this I was dumbfounded, and before the words could leave my mouth my friend that was behind me said, “Yea, I just saw it to. Oh my God.” The friend on the steps didn’t see or hear a thing, and to this day thinks we were just yanking on his chain. The lights we saw were so dim, that in all honesty you had to be looking for them in order to see them. I still have no clue how we saw them. A month or two later I got the nerve to look behind those woods. And there was a woodless grassy area where I assume the craft took off from. It was fantastic and scary, but I haven’t stopped looking up in the night sky ever since.

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