May 21, 2013 – Moore, Oklahoma – 9:55 PM CDT

Description: ON the night of the OK tornado, Piers Morgan of CNN was narrating the disaster footage. At exactly 9:55 PM according to the CNN clock at the lower right of the screen a UFO can be seen coming from right to left just below the tree line. The colors of the flying object were the same as the fire engines that were flashing on the ground. At first it looks as if it were a reflection off of a camera lens or windshield of a fire truck arriving on the scene from the right of the video. But as the truck slows down the light continued to approach at a faster speed and stops as the truck continued to roll. Look near the top center of the screen. It came to an abrupt stop and the lights rotate counter clockwise in a clearing between the trees.

Additional Information Provided by Witness: It was so cool though. It just drove right on up with a slight sense of urgent curiosity. Then it stops in a clearing between the trees so that they too could view the school or so it seemed.

Running it back over and over, each time confirming that it was not the lights of a fire truck reflecting off a lens or windshield got us so excited. At first we thought it was rocking back and forth first behind the trees then into the clearing. Instead it turned out to be that it had a red and white strobe light both of which were on only one side of the craft and the trees hid the light during a portion of the counterclockwise rotation. It was cool as hell man.

Note: Anyone who has a copy of the above CNN newscast is urged to file a report.

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