May 25, 2012 – Winchester, Virginia – 4:50 PM EDT

Object Discovered in Background of Car Photo.

Object Discovered in Background of Car Photo.

Description: I took this picture of some old cars on a new used car lot that has collectible cars. It was not until later that I noticed the object in the top of the photo. I was looking through my phone pictures after I had downloaded them to the computer. That is when I noticed it. I guess the smaller screen on the Droid phone did not show it as clear. It appears to be something since it has shadows. There is also a weird white area to the left. Maybe a trail from it. This was not on any other photos taken on my phone so I do not think it was something on the lens. The photo was taken facing east.

Note: The object is likely an “out-of-focus” bird that is within the focal length of the camera. (Focus on camera was likely set to infinity.)

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