May 26, 2014 – Maricopa, Arizona – 8 AM MST



Description: I too have the same markings I’m scared and a little freaked out. I don’t know what to do. Can you help ? I woke up with this a day ago. Can you tell me what it is?

Second Report by Witness: It was May 26 at 8 in the morning. My wife saw the marksand told me when I saw them I looked online about couldn’t find anything until I looked up alien marks and found someone with the same markings as me. They don’t hurt. They are still on my body, but have faded a bit. I have had dreams where I was taken and wake up and I am not able to move for a bit. I’m just trying to see why me? And what was the reason for this to happen? I live in Maricopa Arizona.

Third Report by Witness (In Response to Questions Regarding His Activity and Job): I skateboard a lot, but I didn’t fall on nothing. I take care of disabled people. I’m a nurse/caretaker.

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13 Responses to May 26, 2014 – Maricopa, Arizona – 8 AM MST

  1. j says:

    Looks like scabies. Here’s my grandma’s recipe. Apply some sulfur soap. Let it stay on 15 minutes or so. Wash it off. Apply skin cream afterwards.

  2. abinico warez says:

    Looks like diaper rash.

  3. Ernie says:

    You slept on the remote you idiot! 🙂

  4. Rabbitnexus says:

    Some very unhelpful responses so far I can see on the comments. Such mindless ridicule based on no more than the picture and the information given, does not justify such bombastic assertions by any of you. You are the idiots here.

    • Administrator says:

      I agree. People tend write “before they think” and come to conclusions with little basis. The witness told me that he has had some unusual experiences as of late.

      • Joel Tallent says:

        A lot of people have this problem. You show them something, and instead of thinking for themselves, they react negatively to a conclusion they fear someone else might come to. Like when I point out a white dot in the afternoon sky, the person reacts like I am trying to convince them it’s an alien spaceship and won’t even consider just looking and thinking for themselves. You can’t even simply be curious without people getting all bent out of shape assuming you believe all kinds of things. It’s the fear that keeps people inside their box.

  5. Ivan Sanchez says:

    People need to visit

    You are not actually being taken anywhere. It is demonic. I used to be plagued by sleep paralysis, because I was into the occult and astral projection.
    I used to believe the Bible was deception and it was just another solar religion. Then one night I said a prayer: Jesus if you are real and really created everything of course I would serve you, just show me something. A month later while driving my jeep after mocking and scoffing my wife’s church it was as if my spiritual eyes were opened. I knew I was on the wrong side of things as sure as if God was sitting in the passenger seat. I stopped the car got out and knelt and prayed for forgiveness and was hit with the most intense feeling of power and love which engulfed me that you could mentally, physically and spiritual feel. I wept and wept. To think that I walked and talked against the one that created me and he still had this insane amount of love for me, it’s beautiful. My God is the God that proves himself through prophesy. All you have to do is seek. Who are you, or anyone, to not be able to humble themselves before the creator of the universe and ask for forgiveness. The creator of the universe the designer of subatomic particle all the way to DNA, to laws of physics, electromagnetic radiation, matter humbled himself and became a simple carpenter who would willingly give his life as payment for us. Our sin (rebellion) makes us separated from the Father, but through Jesus we can be joined again.

    After this when those vibrations came associated with astral projection and sleep paralysis, those spirit guides and the beings which help you leave your body revealed themselves as who they really were, the most horrifying demons you could imagine not just for appearance, but because the energy they gave off, pure evil and hatred for me. They hate us because we are made in the image of God and they hate him. Anyway these beings of “light” tormented me after giving my life to Christ. There are so many stories I later found of people coming out of the occult, former psychics, wiccans and the such talking about going through almost exactly what I did after coming to the real Light. Their spirit guides and familiar spirits showing their true identities afterwards. What is funny is that if I ever went back and listened to some Lamb of God, or Opeth, some of my favorite bands, I would get hit with some sleep paralysis. My wife was trained to shake me awake if she heard me able to get some groans out while I was paralysed, before I was saved, and even a little bit afterwards. No born again Christian has ever been visited or “abducted” by “aliens.”

    • Administrator says:

      No doubt, many abduction experiences are sleep paralysis. I don’t know if that is the case with the gentleman in Maricopa. I don’t even know (nor does he) if an abduction occurred.

  6. Jason says:

    Very interesting markings and yes, appears like other pictures I have seen dealing with ET abduction. It appears like two rows of round blotchs, 12 in total with a couple already nearly faded. 12, 6, and 3 seem to be most common number of markings for abductions. As well, the marks appear to be blood forced up through the skin under pressure, as if skin was pinched or something was on the skin with suction. So it appears by marks something was taken rather then something given. The size of those small circles would be important, try to measure and measure distance between nearest marking. From the picture and angle, it appears to be on your right side if that is your backbone on the left and that too is an important fact to be noted.

  7. Cort Richards says:

    They do seem to resemble other marks I have seen personally on other victims of abduction. These abductions can be done by EBE’s or by our own military who do NOT have our best interests in mind. There are a lot of black ops going on out there in the world and especially in the USA. I don’t know what your previous experiences have been, but the best thing you can do is keep a journal of everything you experience that seems odd or ‘not right’ and keep taking pictures of any strange marks like the above one. As far as getting them to stop, well, I think we’re all out of luck on that one, sorry to say. It has been happening to people for a long, long time and seriously, the best thing you can do is what I advised above and keep in contact with UFO and Paranormal Investigators. I hope that you get better and don’t have any more odd and/or uncomfortable experiences like that again. Just try not to be afraid because that’s exactly what they want from you and what they feed off of (fear and terror). Don’t give them the satisfaction. Remember – FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. Best of luck. – Cort

  8. cece says:

    Honestly and from experience, Alien abductions are no more than demonic experiences. You need to start praying against them and train yourself to pray even while the abduction is taking place. They try to make you believe that you cannot move or think, but if you visualize and keep trying until you do, the Archangel Michael or the Blessed Trinity, you will then be able to start to voice it but it may take a lot of concentration. If you do what I advise, you will quickly see that what I am telling you is truth. Do not believe in aliens. They are demonic entities and I cannot say what else, but I do know they are of evil demonic supernatural origin and presence. Make the sign of the cross with your fingers on the doors of all your rooms and ask for protection.

  9. JP says:

    I am siding along with both Jason & Cort. Look closely at the pattern of the marks-symmetrical dots forming perfect triangles. These are very similar as those found on a female abductee some years ago. Whatever the reason for that medical procedure performed on this person, the same question is raised: “Why me” and asking one’s self, for what purpose? Maybe someday this person will want to become open to exploring more of the events in detail to find out that there are more questions that are raised, than answers given.

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