May 27, 2014 – Mount Shasta, California – 1:20 to 1:25 AM PDT

Description: I sighted an object in the west, following the shoreline of Lake Siskiyou. The motion was “jittery”, moving back and forth, but moving in a southerly direction. There was no moon that night so the object had little definition. The object appeared small, until it came out from behind trees and came to a footbridge on the lake 300 feet away from our window, and shined lights on the footbridge. As object cleared the trees, a ring of lights moving counter clockwise was noted, with a small lighter cross of light in the center. As the object moved, stars appeared from behind, showing that the object was larger than first thought. Now it was about the size of a silver dollar held at arm’s length. The small circle of lights being only one tenth to one twelfth the size of the outer diameter. Object was just passing the roofline of our house, but as it followed the inlet of the lake, it moved further south, and returned, again following the shoreline behind the trees. At this point a clear field was had, allowing a full view. The object was 300 to 500 feet up and also had a light moving about the rim counter clockwise. The shoreline was approximately 200 feet away and the object was moving back towards the footbridge, but on the opposite shoreline, following further south. The object again went behind trees, and out of line of sight. I went outside, but was unable to sight the object any further. I had been in bed, looking out window over my head sighting the object about one mile away, over the ridge of trees. the object appeared to be up at a 45 degree angle from level, allowing for a rough triangulation of distance and size with known distances of footbridge and inlet at end of street.

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