May 28, 2012 – Antelope, California – 9:06 to 9:09 PM PDT

Description: On May 28th 2012, Memorial Day I stopped at the intersection of Elverta (headed towards Walerga) and Black Eagle Drive in Antelope, California. My sister, the only passenger in my car, pointed at a lit flying object hovering above us to the left at the height of the street lights. I could not make out what it was, but it was almost translucent in color and it was hard to distinguish the shape. It appeared to be oval and brightly lit. When our light turned green, the object took off away from us. It looked like it was being remotely controlled. But I also, although I hesitate to sound cliché-ish, feel for that during the 15 seconds it was hovering above us, we also were in some way controlled or hypnotized. A sort of sudden confusion and fear took me over. Perhaps it was due to the intense tone of my little sister’s voice and then to turn where she pointed to stare at something unidentifiable or comparable to anything I have seen in my life. We took the first turn, parked and observed it’s every move. It’s lights were bright and it hovered and moved over the houses and then after 2 minutes of watching it, it shot off east into the sky. It was amazing!

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