May 28, 2014 – Sofia, Bulgaria – 7:45 PM Local Time

View Slide Show of Photos Taken of “Strange” Airborne Object:



Description: William:
I saw the object by eye prior to taking the pictures. I was sitting in my Garden and just spotted something in the Sky . It was there for roughly 5 minutes. I went inside took my camera and took the photos. It was not until I uploaded them could I really see the object proper.

THE Date on THE camera was incorrect. The photos were taken on Wed, May 28, 2014 at 7.45 PM. The photos were sent to you directly after on: Wed, May 28, 2014 at 8:10 PM.

Please Note: I am a professional freelance photographer, I can tell the difference between a bird or a plane. It was neither of them, although we assume when these things happen, a UFO is responsible. There is usually an explanation that materializes at some point.

Additional Report From Witness in Response to Questions:

1. Are each of the photos that you sent separate photos or are they "edits" of the same photo(s)?

The only editing I did was to put my name on them. There all individual Photos.

2. Was it windy when you took the photos? Do you think that the object could have been debris "suspended" in the air?

The object was definitely not suspended debris. There was a slight breeze.

3. What was the temperature? Were there any thunderstorms in the area?

Later in the night there were thunderstorms in the area.

4. Did you hear any sound?

No sounds heard.

5. How did you lose sight of the object?

It kept disappearing behind the clouds.

Note: This same witness has sent us quality photos of strange aerial objects in the past. The object does not appear to be perfectly symmetrical. I doubt that the object is any suspended debris from the ground (e.g. paper bags, plastic, etc.) The winds were only around 4 MPH at the time of the sighting and the winds had been light all day. There were no thunderstorms in the area and the temperature was 64 degrees F. Therefore wind or "convection" updrafts were not conducive for surface debris to be suspended in the air.

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3 Responses to May 28, 2014 – Sofia, Bulgaria – 7:45 PM Local Time

  1. T.T. says:

    It couldn’t be a UFO. Et controlled UFOs don’t exist, according to NASA, SETI and astronomers. But, we have a problem, Houston. Google, Larry King, CNN, UFO shut down missile silos in US, UK and USSR; Google Wikipedia, Valentich, Cessna UFO abduction, Melbourne Australia. Open, open ET contact for over 7 decades with a race 12,500 years ahead of us in tech, medicine and knowledge of the Creational Laws, with whom some share common ancestry. Open forbiddenknowledgetv website and see the Malaysian MH370 civil radar tape that shows a UFO travelling at 2,500 MPH then stopping, when 370 does a few sharp turns, but not back, drops instantly to sea level, shoots forward, and vanishes. The NZ oil driller in the S China Sea who saw pyrotechnics at that time and place may have seen a hi tech snatch.

    Am I a nutter off my meds? Nah, just a retired Airline Training Captain with multiple UFO sightings.

    • Administrator says:


      Thanks for your comments. I have often thought that UFOs could be sightings from a race which lives on Earth with us, but for some reason has chosen to be discrete. I will check out the regarding MH370.

    • Rabbitnexus says:

      The stuff about MH 370 is nonsense or disinformation, but the rest is more or less legit in my opinion. The information about what happened to MH 370 is substantial and doesn’t require ET abductions to answer although the truth is darker. It is fairly well known up to a point. The official assertions and some of the many theories floating around are just cover for the truth.

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