May 3, 2014 – Burleson, Texas – 3 AM CDT

Description: I woke up last night about 3 AM because my big dog wanted out. I let him out and got back into bed. He then started barking and I was worried by the sound of it he had treed a cat or raccoon so I got up to get him back in. When I opened the door he ran straight in and I saw what he was barking at. Right above the roofline of the building behind my house was a large (about 3/4 the size of a full moon) bright white, sliver light shining towards me. It was incredibly bright. I thought about looking at it, because I see a lot of UFO’s and things in the sky, but I was scared because it seemed like it was pointing right at me so I ran back into bed and covered up! I have reported a lot of sightings over the years and have become concerned because lately I see things several times a month. I see things so much that sometimes I just don’t report them any more. It’s become part of my life lately and I’m getting scared. It’s as though that light had a life to it. It wasn’t just a light, but it was trying to let me know it was looking at me. I’m sure that sounds weird, but I don’t know any other way to describe it.

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3 Responses to May 3, 2014 – Burleson, Texas – 3 AM CDT

  1. Steve Duvall says:

    I agree,Texas does have a lot of UFO’s. I have seen so many that I have lost count. One night I was driving home alone from out of town. (I love to drive at night because it is much cooler out). It was a moonless night, very dark, and yes I was the only one driving on a lonely road. About the time I noticed a light that came up around 70 to 80 yards from my car and stayed along side me for several minutes. At this point I thought I was ready to meet them if I ever got the chance, but then I started to worry about which species it might be and decided to keep driving (65 mph). I took my large flashlight (which I always carry with me) and flashed it at them to see what they would do. The light slowly backed away. I think I comfused them and I lost sight of it as it went behind me. It was a self contained light. It didn’t light up anything around it. Yes it is weird how you just know that they’re looking at you. You can feel it.

  2. Jim says:

    Texas has a lot of UFO’s and I believe your story. Since 1997 I have been experiencing a large volume of craft day and night (mostly daytime) in Oregon and I have many incredible videos of them. When they get up close, like they have for me a couple of times (a disc only about 10 feet away daytime), you know they know about you being aware of them and they want to get a closer look at you! They are unknowns, but so far I have had no fear of them.

    • robin brown says:

      I mostly have not been afraid either, but this time I was and one other time as well. I’m not sure why I’m scared sometimes and not on others. Have you posted the videos yet? I never seem to be able to get pictures or anything!

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