May 4, 2013 – Burlington, Wisconsin – 9:35 PM CDT

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Description: We live in Burlington, Wisconsin. Last night, on May 4th, 2013 around 9:35 PM my husband went out to our car to run to the gas station and immediately ran into the house screaming my name. When I got outside I saw something that will never leave my memories. In the sky almost directly over our home were bright, orange-ish, yellow, orbs. At first I believed that they may have been Chinese lanterns, but after watching a minute I realized that these “orbs,” were following one another in a horizontal line. After seeing 3 groups of 4, the last group had an orb that stopped mid air and went another direction. After it left the pack it stopped again, dropped and disappeared from the sky. Not only did my husband and I see these phenomena, but a street over some neighbors were having an out door BBQ. They were so stunned we could hear them screaming out asking: “What the f$&k was that?” And, “can you believe what we just saw?” We immediately got into our car and attempted to following these orbs. Once we turned off our street to following they shot away and disappeared. We may sound crazy, but this was something that we cannot explain. We have shown our photos to many different people and they too, cannot explain what we saw. I am attaching a few photos for you to view. Maybe you can help us figure out what we have seen. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

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  1. Nanette says:

    Thank You for sharing! These are great Pictures of them and look at the Beautiful Colors coming off of them. I saw the same thing last July in CA. It is truly a life changing experience. Much Love and light

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