May 6, 2014 – Martin, Michigan – 2 AM EDT

Description: On May 6, 2014 in Martin, Michigan I saw an object that appeared to be 50 yards long. It had green blue red yellow flashing lights on it. It had spotlights on it. I was standing in the yard at 2 AM when out of nowhere it was making strange movements and I mean to tell you this thing was huge making a turbine sound. I thought at first it was a helicopter then realized it seemed to transform into a vehicle of some sort that drives on the road. (Believe it or not.) It seemed to have teleported as I have read on the subject. It’s movements were the strangest thing I have ever seen. It almost seemed to be beating time.

Second Report: Regarding my Martin sighting: This Thing at first appeared to be a floating space station. As it touched down it had wheels and drove off and disappeared again. It sounds like BS, but I will take a lie detector and so will my witness. I have seen many strange flying objects, but nothing of this magnitude. I think there is something new going on in our Earth and if you open your eyes you might just see it.

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  1. John Plato says:

    Hmmm. Did any of you see the 1985 flick, Back to the Future? Well?

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