Mid 1997 – Modesto, California – 1:45 AM PDT

Description: I took 99 North coming from Turlock to Modesto. I had been out doing karaoke. After exiting the freeway I turned right off of a one way street (G St) to 13th Street in downtown Modesto. It was either a Friday or Saturday night. Immediately after turning onto 13th, the sky changed! The night sky disappeared! It was covered by a black circular object. I immediately stopped my 89 Ford Escort in the middle of the road and turned it off. (I had my sister-in-law with me.) We stared and opened our doors. I stood up with one foot still in my car. She had both feet out of the car standing outside the car, at the window. It was like it was watching u,s BUT we could see no windows at all. It exceeded the width of the wide street AND the houses across the street from each other. The only light I kind of remember was from a streetlight or a house porch light. This is how I knew it was mostly flat and rounded. It was about 10 feet in front of us, and 25 feet above us. It was HUGE. It seemed to be resting on the trees. It was hovering. My sister-in-law & I looked at each other a couple of times. She was frightened. I felt no fear whatsoever. I remember there was no sound at all. It was a huge circular object and it made not one decibel of SOUND! And then suddenly it was gone, in a split second, no trace of it’s direction. Knowing my sister-in-law was frightened, I did not want to scare her anymore, so I told her that since our local airport was just a mile or so away that it was probably an xperimental aircraft. But I KNEW humans are not capable of making such an aircraft, that big, that silent, that fast. I do not recall seeing any lights emitting from it, nor windows. But I did get that feeling of being stared at. But how could “it” stare through this metal looking material, appearing smooth in texture, and not be at all transparent? And looking from the only light I recall, I do not remember even seeing a seam anywhere. It was very smooth. It seriously did a Houdini and disappeared. It moved too fast to be humanly built. It was far too big to actually hover! It’s been so long ago, that it wasn’t until a few years ago, I recalled it and still think about it sometimes. I cannot remember it all as clearly as I wish I could. Just last year I reminded my sister-in-law who recalls nothing at all. Being as scared as she was, I cannot comprehend how she could have forgotten!

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4 Responses to Mid 1997 – Modesto, California – 1:45 AM PDT

  1. VoteOutIncumbents says:

    With so many reports of high strangeness coming from so many seemingly reliable sources, it is hard to conclude that nothing is happening, or that it must be everyone’s imagination.

    I think something is here and has been, maybe for a very long time. Our ancestors used to believe in fairies, trolls, and magical little people. I am beginning to think that what we have on our hands are not space visitors, but some kind human shadow phantom, perhaps Jungian, originating in the collective self-conscious; however that might work. It seems to me spacemen would have landed by now and identified themselves.

    Maybe we need to start looking at UFOs in a new way.

    • Administrator says:


      You raise some good points. I personally believe that UFOS, Ghosts and other paranormal events are related. I don’t believe that UFOs are interstellar travelers, but probably visitors from other universes or dimensions?

  2. Joel Wesley Small says:

    The above incident report is very extraordinary, and more than a few people would conclude that yes, something indeed did occur to this witness and her companion, but would stop pretty short of thinking that some kind of aerial craft was responsible, but that although something transpired to cause what could be termed extreme excitement in the reporting witness and traumatic excitement to her companion, some peoples’ minds will interpret an ususual event in an innacurate way. I say this because I have seen such a thing happen, and although the event and circumstances were pretty unusual, one of the people I was with that saw this automatically interpreted and reacted out of traumatic excitement and fear.

    One could rightly ask just why would some aeronautical object or craft suddenly come to position itself over these two people? Why would these two people be the subject of scrutiny of this object or it’s crew or it’s ‘program’? It stretches all parameters of credulity to say the least!

    But I am not saying that such a thing didn’t happen to them. I am just trying to make clear just how incredulous such an occurance as this seems. I knew someone that I was pretty familiar with who I knew was not inclined to either make up ‘tall-tales’ or wasn’t capable of making up a story so bizaare, but this person told me that she encountered something that came between her and she proceeding home from work, and was within her own neighborhood at the time. She had just crossed over a set of railroad tracks and was only about a hundred yards up the street from her house when she saw the street was blocked by a large, disc shaped object seemingly sitting on or just above the road, and only saw it because her headlights fell on the side of it. She stopped and just as she did, this object quickly lifted off the street and then, according to this person, it shot off to the left at an upward angle, clearing a neighbor’s house and the tall pines behind it, and causing the tope limbs of these trees to whip around. Now, one can’t even make up a story more incredible than this, wouldn’t you agree? And it could have been a story, or a ‘mis-interpretation’ of some other actual set of circumstances that, due to this person’s inability to correctly interpret the true nature of the event, interpreted it the way that she did. As I said before, I have seen this happen. But, in the end, although I don’t really know what actually occurred in her circumstance, I think she did come upon some sort of object in the street of her neighborhood that blocked her way, that then departed out of the area pretty much as she described. That is more than extraordinary. But, in my mind, what is even more incredulous is trying to figure out just what this thing was doing sitting on her street for any and all to see if they came out of their house or came down the street! My thanks to the person who dared to submit this report to the UFO Reporting Center.

  3. Barbara G. says:

    Some people have a tendency to refuse to even consider what they saw as something that happened to them. They prefer to forget it ever happened and never mention it or talk about it to anyone. Fright can do peculiar things to a person’s mind.

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