Mid October, 1972 – Mountains near Sublett Lake in Idaho

Description: While hunting deer in mid October, 1972 in the Mountains near Sublett Lake in Idaho, I experienced a 4+ hour time loss.  My father, brother and I had arrived before noon to start hunting. My father stayed close to the truck due to a bad hip. My brother and I then walked off into the forest to hopefully “round-up” some deer towards my father’s location. I remember walking stopping intermittently for an hour; then the next thing I know it is dark, cold and starting to snow. I am still carrying my gun and disoriented. I fire my rifle three times in hopes to let someone know my location and I am in distress.

After no response, I started to head downhill out of the mountains to get to a road or farm outside the mountain range. After 10 minutes of  walking in the dark and snow, I arrive at a road and begin to follow it. A car approaches and it happens to be my father and brother. They say that they  waited for five hours before going to get help. I was only a half mile from the original spot. My clothes were dry. not soiled or dirty as if I had fainted or laid down somewhere. I had seen no lights or other phenomenon that day.

I have never been lost or disoriented while hunting and knew my way around the area we hunt. I have never had any reoccurring nightmares that I remember. The only thing I walked away with that night were bleeding hemorrhoids. I was 20 years old that night. I am 63 years old now. I have never shared this event with anyone and my father and brother contend that I was just lost.

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