Motorist Sees Bright Flash of Light Followed Perfect Circle of White Light.

Location of Sighting: Maroochy River, Queensland, Australia
Date of Sighting: April 4, 2016
Time of Sighting: 7:45 PM Local Time

Description: I had the exact same experience tonight, Maroochy River, Yandina Coolum road, Queensland Australia. It was about 7.45 PM. There was one flash like a police radar, then behind me in my rear view mirror I saw a perfect circle of bright white light. It was soccer ball sized and too high to be a motorcycle. It stayed with me for a few seconds and then another flash and it was gone. I did not see it fading in the same fashion as you. There were no cars behind me. I was alone on the road. It gave me a scared feeling. I do not believe it was another vehicle as the light was in the wrong position and too crisp. Strange huh?

Note: The witness is referring to a similar sighting in Coulee City, Washington on August 7, 2015. Click here to read this report.

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