Multicolored Twinkling Object in the SW Sky.

Location of Sighting: Miami, Florida
Date of Sighting: May 11, 2020
Time of Sighting: 8 PM EDT

Description: Our sighting was in Miami, FL, in the Cutler Bay/Palmetto Bay area, which is approximately 15 miles northeast of Homestead Air Force Base Reserve. Last night, doing an evening walk with my wife, around 8 PM, I kept noticing on the SW side that multi-colored twinkling object in the sky. It was far enough away for people to say it’s a star or satellite, but close enough to be clearly seen (geometric shape and all). My wife was dismissive until after us walking for about 45 minutes, it really hit on her that she hasn’t seen something like that. I have noticed these phenomena all my life, but usually kept it to myself.

That said, I walked out this evening on our front porch, and it has shifted, and its there! We live in the prominent, old part of Miami where there are large acre lots and lots of old foliage with pine land preserves. (Yes folks, that is the way Miami, FL used to be).

Note: The fact that the object is visible on successive nights is suggestive that the witnesses are seeing a celestial object (probably Venus).

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