Multiple Pin Points of Light Move All Over Sky.

Location of Sighting: Redwood City, California
Date of sighting: 5/9/2019
Time of Sighting: Starting at 10 PM PDT

Description: I saw multiple Pin points of lights flying above Redwood City, CA. My wife and two neighbors confirmed what I was seeing. There were too many lights to count. I only thought that it was some laser game, but the lights were a weak white. There were no color changes no matter what maneuvers they were all doing. The time was 10:00 PM on-going. They moved all over the sky sometimes quickly then turning, sometimes at 90 degrees, then stopping and doing it again. Skies were partly cloudy. The lights were too weak to photo.

Additional Information Provided by Witness: Hello. I have seen these types of lights in an US Air Force films from the 50’s with similar points of light playing. I have heard they have been documented around times during a Ballistic missile test like the one at Vandenberg AFB that day. Maybe they are the true stewards of the planet?

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