Multiple Witnesses See Red-Orange Lights Suddenly Go Out.

Location of Sighting: Ocean City, Maryland
Date of Sighting: September 23, 2015
Time of Sighting: 8 PM EDT

Description: I was in Ocean City, Maryland this week walking boardwalk when on Wednesday night a stranger said to look at the strange lights. We saw several bright reddish orange lights in a row suddenly go out. A short while later got to see it again when they blinked on one at a time from left to right until there were 5 or 6 in a line and then suddenly they all went out. The next night in approximately the same spot as the night before my wife pointed out that they were there again. We witnessed a repeat of what we saw the night before. The whole event only lasted about 5 seconds. This occurred somewhere around 8 PM or shortly before and appeared just east of the amusement pier looking south from 7th street. It was definitely unrelated and too far east and too high to be anything related to the amusement pier. I watched some of the videos on YouTube taken by others that have witnessed this in Ocean City, Maryland and found they were pretty similar to what we witnessed. Would love to know what they were.

Additional Comments Sent by Witness: Thanks for responding. The Chinese lantern explanation is highly doubtful. Aren’t Chinese lanterns lit on the ground and launched? These lights did not appear until several hundred if not thousands of feet up. There was nothing obstructing our view as they were over the ocean. Secondly there was a strong breeze all week coming from the northeast. Chinese lanterns would have had to been launched from sea to be where we saw the lights. Due to the strong winds and rough seas, time of year, being mid week, etc., there were virtually no boats on the water. First one light appeared with each additional light coming on in a one second intervals in a straight line (appearing like each new light was spawned by the prior) until there were 5 or 6 lights in a close row and then immediately all went dark. There are some videos on YouTube that are a pretty close representation of what we saw. I believe at the end of this video URL below there is a close match. I only reported this since there was a similar report requesting an email if anyone saw something similar.

Note: The witnesses may have seen Chinese Lanterns although the “quick” disappearance may rule out that explanation. They did see the lights in the same spot on the next night which suggests that someone may have been launching the objects.

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