Multitude of Dancing Star-Like Objects Seen in Sky.

Location of Sighting: Maryville, Tennessee
Date of Sighting: October 22, 2019
Time of Sighting: 10 PM EDT

Description: I have always been a star gazer, so I usually go outside and look up if I can’t sleep etc. About a week or two ago I first noticed what I thought was a star, moving back and forth up and down and in a zigzag motion. It didn’t move far from where it started only a small distance each way. Sometimes the motions were swifter than others. Tonight, I go out to see if I can see a shooting star because of the Orionid meteor shower that is happening. I saw a shooting star. But I also saw multiple of these what I like to call “dancing stars.” They were in different areas of the sky and all moved in a similar manner. I didn’t notice any flickering of lights and I know for a fact none of them were airplanes or helicopters of any kind, as I live close to the airport and a military Air Base. I have seen and heard all aircraft there is to see and hear. I have tried to google it to seek answers as to what they could be, but I found nothing. Some nights I see them. Tonight I saw the “stars at about 10 PM EDT, another night it was 4 AM, so it is happening all night long. If you have seen what I have please feel free to drop a message!

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3 Responses to Multitude of Dancing Star-Like Objects Seen in Sky.

  1. Ml says:

    Did it look like it was jumping around or shaking, as if your hands were shaking? Did it look like a child’s, dome-shaped jungle gym (the older metal ones that use to be on playgrounds)? The color was sort of alternate red/orange-blue/green. (I can’t see well enough to be positive on color yet but I believe it to be red and green.) I’ve been seeing something like that for months now. There are several all around my house (25 miles S of St. Louis)! It seems many people have reported similar all over for years! But I have yet to see any answers or explanations that can positively identify them. I can’t BELIEVE nobody is reporting this in the media with as many as there are and length of time its been going on!

    • Emily says:

      Honestly I could not tell a shape, only that all the objects LOOK like stars, but move erratically, only enough for you to notice if you’re looking at the stars for a period of time. They don’t really shake that I can tell. They more just move around. It is crazy that nobody has reported this to the media as obviously it is being seen ACROSS the COUNTRY!

  2. Belinda says:

    I have seen the same dancing stars as well in Asheville, NC; Dallas Texas and around Jackson, Tennessee. I travel a lot and especially at night, but I have seen them too.

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