Navy Radar Detects UFO. Red Light Appears. Ship Loses Power.

Location of Sighting: About 100 Miles South of New Zealand
Date of Sighting: April 23, 1996
Time of Sighting: 1 AM Local Time

Description: I was stationed onboard USS Fife-DD0991 from 1994 to 1996. I was a Second Class Petty Officer and Supervisor in Radio Central. I was a Radioman onboard. I was onboard USS Fife (DD991). The home port was Yokosuka Japan. We steamed independent from a battle group. Our Commodore assigned us a 45 day exercise that included a southern swing around Australia on the eastern side and go under and come up on the western side of Australia. During these 45 days of deployment we would work with 5 foreign Navies conducting various exercises in the South Pacific, Indian Ocean and South China Sea. On the 23rd of April around 0100 hours we were cruising underneath New Zealand normal steaming. At around 0100 hours our air surface radar detected an incoming signal plot at 300 miles away and moving at mach level 15 Hyper-Supersonic Speed almost 15,000 miles per hour. World Records recognized NASA’s X-43A scram-jet with a new world speed record for a jet-powered aircraft – Mach 9.6, or nearly 7,000 MPH. This signal was moving at mach level 15 and climbing. Our IFF (identification Friend or Foe) radar picked it up as Foe sending us into General Quarters at 0100 in the morning. As the crew assembled to prepare for battle stations which takes 5 minutes to set, the ship went dead in the water, all power dead, red lights on emergency generator back on, main engines down. The ship went dead in the water for about 5 minutes before engineering could restart the power in the engine rooms. The crew reported before the ship went dead a light scimmed across the horizon from the beginning of the bow to the end of the ship and when that light lit up the horizon the ship went dead. Prior to losing power radio central picked up an unidentified radio signal trying to communicate with us, very high and low pitch communications on a HF signal with people talking in the back ground, but you couldn’t make out what they were saying. This lasted for about 2 minutes then it went silent. When the ship came back on line the radar signal was gone and communication was gone also. When the ship came back up on all power it sent a message to 7th fleet and desron-15 commodore that the ship lost power and went dead in the water for 5 minutes due to reporting unknown anomaly. This was a UFO encounter. Nothing moves at mach level 15 and moving so fast it lit the horizon up and sucked out energy as it crossed our path on the ocean.

Note: This is a great report. The drawback is that it is old and it isn’t possible to obtain any supporting data.

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