Nickel Colored Circular Craft With Red, Blue & Amber Lights.

Location of Sighting: Point Mugu, California
Date of Sighting: June, 1981
Time of Sighting: 8:45 PM PDT

Description: I was camping on the beach at Point Mugu with my boyfriend. It was a little darker than dusk, when I spotted a UFO about 50 feet overhead approaching from the east. It was a nickel color circular craft with red, blue and amber lights around it’s center. I also saw what appeared to be windows with a dim pale yellowish light. I stared at the windows hoping to see someone, but I didn’t. It was cruising slowly like it was watching everyone on the beach. I yelled to my boyfriend to shine his large spot light on it, to see if it would stop, but he was too scared. I kept screaming UFO for others on the beach to look up, and some did see it too. Once the craft reach the end where people were, it quickly took off, almost like it vanished it was so fast. If only I had a camera back then, it would have been the best UFO photo of all time. A baseball pitcher could easily hit the bottom. The craft was just that close! I witnessed other UFO sightings in Los Angeles in the early 1990’s as well. I have witnessed none since the 2000’s when I relocated to Texas.

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