November 1, 2010 – Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina – 5:15 AM EST

Description: I had two sightings prior to this one. This sighting was up close and personal. Since Nov 1 of 2010, I have had numerous sightings. That morning I woke up around 455 AM EST time. I made coffee and went out on my deck. At 5:15 I saw 3 large white lights turn on and off. They were approximately 4 stories above the ground. I noticed that my neighbor’s back light wasn’t on for the 1st time since I moved here. Five minutes later the lights were on and off again. I heard no sound at all. Then again in 5 minutes the next thing I know the sky is lighter and it’s 7:30 AM. Then 2 Air Force jets flew over my backyard, so close I can see their faces as they looked down at me. At 7:35 AM or so I see the tips of my 30 foot Leland cypresses bend toward me. I could track the movement, but couldn’t see the craft. All of the sudden the sun broke the horizon and hit the bottom of this oval shaped craft. It was a shiny coppery color. It stayed there directly over my head for 2 minute and then flew over my house. At this point it was only 1 1/2 stories above my head. This is not the end by any means. There is so much more (i.e. impressions in my grass, psychic ability beyond belief, etc.). They are here a lot .

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