November 10, 2013 – Near Los Angeles Airport, California – 10 PM PST

Center map

Description: Like you, I do a lot aircraft watching because I live near LAX (Los Angeles Airport).

I was working the night shift on Sunday, 11-10-2013 between 8 PM and 10:00 PM close to LAX Airport near the intersection of Century Boulevard and Aviation. As I stood outside on the top level of an open parking structure I turned and started walking eastward looking up into the direct path of oncoming planes that were headed westbound on approach to the airport’s north runways. I noticed two red lights slightly off to the northeast of oncoming air traffic. They were further up in the sky. As I was watching they did not move! I used landmarks to gauge if they were moving, and they hovered for about 60 seconds. Then one of the red lights moved closer to the other slowly and then dropped down below the other light and faded. Then the remaining light seemed to move quickly in the path of oncoming air traffic, but it was much higher in altitude then it appeared. It hovered over the landing path of approaching planes. As it appeared to be getting closer I realized that it wasn’t getting closer, but it was rising in altitude. When there was a gap in air traffic The skies were again silent, but I could not hear an engine sound coming from the red light like I would a helicopter or a plane. There were no flashing red lights, no flashing green lights and no landing lights. Then once again the second light seemed to re-ignite out of nowhere in the sky a close distance to the one that I had been watching. They moved up and down. They were much farther away than they appeared. And ultimately I just watched them for a few minutes until they faded or turned off. They did not follow a linear flight line like a normal aircraft nor did they transverse the horizon like a normal aircraft. If I were to take a guess I would say they were military stealth helicopters. This was strange!

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