November 11, 2012 – Delray Beach, Florida – 8 PM EST

Description: I saw a perfectly round white orb that looked transparent or luminescent and was about the size of a small car. I saw it coming from the south which was where Orion’s belt was at the time. I thought it was a shooting star, but it wasn’t going as fast as the shooting star, but slightly slower so that I could follow it. It slowed down as it came up to me. It looked like it was about 500 feet above me. I thought to myself what are you? Whatever it was seemed to smile at me through thought and communicated to me “watch this” then made a right turn towards the Atlantic Ocean (east) and went upwards and in a second disappeared out of sight. It made no sound at all. Everything about it seemed good. I was not frightened in any way shape or form. That was the feeling that I got from it. I am not positive about the date, but it was some time right before the Madonna concert in 2012 which was November 18th at the Miami arena. If anybody else saw this, let me know.

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