November 13, 2013 – Springfield, Ohio – 8:30 to 9 PM EST

Center map

Description: It was amazing! I was outside last night waiting on a ride. I was a bit frustrated from arguing with my ex-girlfriend. I looked up facing the north. I love the stars. That is when I noticed V shaped craft. It was strange because the speed seemed to increase as it passed. Yet there was no sound not a single peep. There were three cylindrical glowing orange lights under it fixed evenly, one on each side of wing and one at center front of wedge shape. I grew up loving planes because we live near WPAFB (Wright-Patterson) Air Force Base. I know all types of military and commercial planes that are presently used. This wasn’t a F117, wasn’t a F22 Raptor and wasn’t a B2 Stealth. It was a UFO and I’m still blown away to have witnessed this. I probably won’t tell many if any because people are negative and like to look at you like you are crazy. I had to tell someone. Thanks.

Note: The witness seems to know aircraft types. He believes that he saw a UFO. I concur.

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  1. Barbara G. says:

    I agree, this guy saw something that didn’t look like any aircraft he had ever seen. The object was totally silent which is impossible with today’s noisy jets.

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