November 16, 2011 – Stockton, Missouri – 6 PM CST

Description: (This report was written by paranormal-UFO columnist Sam Uptegrove:

A Case of Missing Time

By Sam Uptegrove

Most readers of this column are undoubtedly familiar with the controversial subject of ‘alien abductions’ and ‘missing time incidents’, but some of you may not be aware that there have been several such cases reported and investigated right here in the Ozarks. A couple of years ago, for example, I interviewed a young woman who experienced an episode of this type near Stockton.

Kimberly (not her real name) was driving east out of Stockton on MO 32 at about 6:00 p.m. on the evening of November 16 2011, on her way to Bolivar to visit her sister. As she usually did when making this trip she turned off of the highway to drive across the dam and view the lake. As she reached the highest point in her detour and had a clear view of the eastern sky ahead of her, however, her attention was immediately drawn to a brilliant light several times larger and brighter than Venus at its peak. It was directly ahead of her and “about a fourth of the way up from the ground to straight overhead.” If it had merely been a white light she would have quickly dismissed it as an aircraft landing light and paid little attention. But instead it was a “very deep, beautiful shade of purple,” unlike anything she had ever seen in the sky before.

Intrigued, she watched it as she drove across the dam. “I couldn’t be sure because I was moving,” she remembered, “but it looked like it was just as still in the sky as a star.” When she reached the east end of the dam curiosity took over and she pulled into the overlook area and stopped facing the light. For perhaps a minute or two it remained motionless, and then it began to move directly toward her, descending as it approached. After a few seconds it seemed to disappear, as if it had never existed.

“I sat there for a minute or two and even got out of the car to have a good look around and see if it was somewhere else in the sky,” Kimberly remembered. “Then I realized that the car wasn’t running and the headlights were off. I remembered turning the lights off so I could see better, but I didn’t remember turning the car off. I just passed it off as a glitch in my memory and got back on my way.”

Kimberly had only been back on the road a few minutes when the already strange evening took an even eerier turn. Her cellphone rang and when she answered it was her sister, asking her in a worried voice where in the world she had been. Kimberly, confused by the question, answered that she was supposed to be there at 7 o’clock. Her sister immediately responded by saying it was almost ten, adding that she had tried to call Kimberly several times and her calls were transferred over to voice mail.

“At first I thought she was pulling some kind of silly joke,” Kimberly continued, “but then I looked at the clock on the dash and saw it was 9:52. I still couldn’t believe it and checked the time on my watch and cell phone. They all read within a minute of each other.” Nearly four hours out of her life had disappeared, and she had no idea where they had gone or what had taken place during the missing period of time.

I then asked her if she had experienced any of the ‘trademark’ signs giving further indication to those familiar with the phenomenon that an abduction type scenario had occurred; unusual dreams, unexplained marks on the body, etc. “Nothing else at all,” she responded. “Except for seeing that light and having a little piece missing from my life, everything has been just as ordinary as ever.” When the subject of hypnotic regression was brought up her response was polite but quite firm. “If something else happens, maybe. But unless it does I don’t really think I want to know.”

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