November 16, 2012 – Sacramento, California – 7:30 PM PST

Description: It was Friday November 16, 2012 about 7:45 PM. My girlfriend and I were traveling Eastbound on US I-80. It was raining hard and windy. Just as we passed the Arden way off ramp there is a Red Lion Inn to the right and as I looked to my girlfriend in the passenger seat behind her I saw 3 orange cylinder shaped objects hovering just above the palm trees in the parking lot. I said to her what are those? She looked and replied: “I don’t know, but they are weird.” Everyone else on the freeway seemed to start moving in slow motion. I then proceeded to hit the gas and got off at the next off ramp (El Camino) and got back on I-80 to return to where we saw them. I flew into the Red Lion Inn parking lot where then I only saw two of the objects (one of them were gone) still hovering only about 300 feet above the ground. If I had a rock, I think I could have hit the lowest one. It was pouring rain hard and the wind was blowing to the east and the clouds were very low to the ground and moving fast. The objects were cylinder shaped kind of like a dog food can and were a burnt orange color like I have never seen before. The orbs were like an orange and silver dust in a tornado like spin within this shape, but it was not moving (like a tornado stopped in place). They all sat at about a 30 degree angle / (like the forward slash). They had no lights of any kind, no metal body, or mass or any type of engine, jet, propeller or anything to propel them like you would see on aircraft from Earth. There were no windows, openings or legs of any kind. The orbs were approximately the size about of a small VW bug. They also made no noise whatsoever. After about 2 minutes of just moving a little around the immediate area one of the two objects slowly and gracefully moved to the South following the freeway and went into the low clouds that were approximately 500 feet. above the ground. Then the second one started moving like it was going to follow that one, but then turned slowly to the West and also went into the clouds. When they entered into the clouds neither one caused any illumination of the clouds like you would expect to see from a glowing object and they both flew into the direction the wind was blowing from so that eliminates the Chinese lantern theory. And the really strange thing was that when I was observing the objects I tried to yell at some people walking down the sidewalk nearby to check them out and I could not get any sound to come out of my mouth. It was like I had no voice? My girlfriend confirms what I have just written.

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