November, 1993 – Elkton, Maryland – 4 AM EST

Description: It was November, 1993 and I was hunting deer I got in my tree stand a little after 4 in the morning. It was clear out and you could see stars. I saw 3 lights in a triangle shape with a row of collared lights. It hovered over my tree stand and a beam of light came out of it down on me. I was in a frozen star at it. The encounter only lasted 10 to 15 minutes to me, but when I realized the sun was coming up and the craft was leaving I got out of my stand and left the woods. At least an hour went by and to this day I can’t remember what the hell happened in that hour.

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  1. Kenneth Larson says:

    The Elkton, Maryland, hunter said in 2013 that he was in the tree nest at about 4:00 AM in 1993 and he was still there until the sun came up hours later, but he said the time used was only ten or 15 minutes to the hunter. So there could be missing time not explained that also happens to other UFO witnesses. Maybe he and a coauthor should write and publish a short book describing the unusual incident if it still bothers him after 20 years. The reading public might find the unusual case interesting to read just like a current spate of new books about heaven or visiting heaven and coming back.

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