November 20, 2014 – Toledo, Ohio – 6:30 PM EST

Description: I saw this triangular shaped aircraft on my way home from work! It was hovering over a south Toledo UAW plant. I was brought to a stop just staring at this about 50 yards from the light. I then got honked at as if the person behind me didn’t even notice the thing! I took off, went around the corner, and just kept looking in my mirrors thinking I was crazy! As I went a few more blocks south, then east, there it was again, hovering over a residential neighborhood near an elementary school!. As I turned south, I once again kept looking and checking my mirrors. I pulled up to my sitter’s house, and saw nothing. I got out of the car looking everywhere, but it was gone. In both instances, it was hovering. I never saw it move. I also only saw three white lights forming out the triangle. This was approximately 6:30 PM, in Toledo Ohio, November 20, 2014. Thank you for looking into this. I’m still in disbelief!!

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  1. Barbara Griffith says:

    Well it’s either one of theirs or one of ours. Only time will tell.

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