November 2008 or 2009 – Orlando, Florida – 6 AM EST

Description: I saw a triangular shaped object that was bright orange. I can’t remember much else. If I see it again, I will know it. It was hovering along the side of a home. It made no noise. It was just there in the air and was very still. At the time I was working for waste management. It was about six o’clock in the morning. It was a clear cool morning. We just started our route collecting the garbage. I was hanging on a step along side the garbage truck. We were heading to our next stop when I saw it. I lost sight of it as the truck drove down the street. The houses blocked my view. I buzzed the guy to stop the truck. As he slowed down I jumped off the truck and ran back to the location were I saw the hovering object, but it was gone. It was just seconds that I saw it. There is nothing that big that could leave an area so fast. I yelled at my coworker of what I saw. I was amazed. He just kept telling me alright calm down, I believe you. it was there clear as day and then it wasn’t.

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