November 23, 2013 – Cottage Grove, Minnesota – 8:15 PM CST

Description: My sister found your article on the internet and emailed it to me. Last Saturday; November 23, at around 8:15 PM I was driving down Heron Avenue and when I stopped at the stop sign to turn right onto Hillside Trail I noticed a cluster of orange colored lights in the sky. Most of them seemed to be still and hovering, but some were moving southward as if traveling toward the direction of Hastings. I continued to drive so I was not able to look constantly at the sky, but when I reached my brother’s home on Hyde Avenue I parked in his driveway and got out of the car to look. By this time most of the lights had disappeared. My brother, who was leaving the Heron Avenue home the same time as me, and whom I was following toward his home, informed me that he had seen the lights also. We walked into the front yard and watched as the last light finally disappeared out of sight. At around this same time my daughter called me and asked if I had also seen the lights in the sky because she and her boyfriend also witnessed the lights as they were leaving their house to go somewhere. They described seeing only six lights and she thought they looked reddish in color. She said they saw them traveling slowly in sort of a line; although not a straight line. All going in the same direction. I believe that they must have seen the lights sometime after my brother and I witnessed them because they saw them when there were only six left, but my brother and I both saw a cluster of many lights.

Note: The witnesses could have observed Chinese Lanterns. A check of winds aloft in the lower 10,000 feet of the atmosphere showed that the winds were from the northwest which means that objects drifting with the wind would have a southern component. The winds aloft strengthen the argument that the witnesses may have observed Chinese Lanterns.

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  1. joe says:

    My girlfriend and I also saw them turning onto 80th from Highway 61. We saw about 12 orange lights in a staggered pattern at a high altitude.

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