November 24, 2011 – Albany, New York – 7 PM EST

Description: We saw orange spheres seen in the Albany County, NY area about 7 PM EST. My mother said there goes the mail plane. I looked out to the southwest and there above the tree line was an orange ball just sitting there. I watched for a few minutes and thought why is it just sitting there and it didn’t look like any plane I had seen before. There was no sound like a plane. There was no sound at all. I went out to the field that runs south along the side of the house so I could get a direct view of this object. Once out there a second one moved vertically up from behind the tree line. Now there are two of them sitting there. Then, they started moving horizontally slowly back and forth, but they were not doing this in tandem. They also moved slowly vertically, again not in tandem. After about 3 hours one moved to the north again vertically and vanished behind the wood line and the other in the same fashion followed. I went back to the house, but kept going outside looking up to see if whatever these were would show up and about fifteen minutes later I saw one coming directly overhead. This would be now moving in a western direction. It stopped over the house. It was now at a much higher elevation. I watched it for about fifteen minutes and then went back in the house. I returned and it was gone so I went to the front of the house and there it was stationary in the front of the house. I decided to go back out to the field to see if the second orange ball might have returned to the place in the southwest where I had first seen these objects, but it was not there. I was about to go back in the house when directly south two more orange orbs came up vertically from behind the tree line. They were moving in the same fashion as the first two balls. And then they began to move horizontally to the south. All these objects were moving, not drifting. It was about 11:30 PM and I began to get a creepy feeling about these objects so I went back to the house. At 1:00 AM I went back out to see is the orb that had stopped at the front of the house was still there and it was. When I came back to visit my mother at Christmas the orb at the front of the house was still there. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I had asked my mother if the object was still in the front of the house and the answer was always yes. It is no longer there, so I don’t know what these objects might have been, but they were like nothing I had ever seen before. I took the most interest in watching these objects but there were two other observers. Whether they would be willing to write their opinions I would have to ask.

Note: The witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate.

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