November 28, 2013 – Milford, New Hampshire – 3 PM EST

"Gray-Alien" Images Found in Background of Photos.

“Gray-Alien” Images Found in Background of Photos.

Description: I thought that the images were odd reflections in the glass, but I went outside and couldn’t see what could be causing those shadows. I watched the History Channel the other day and they showed photos of aliens (extraterrestrial beings) that looked just like these. So I am sending you the photos to see what YOU think. I have not shown the complete photo because I don’t want my grandsons photos shared.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Response of Witness to Questions: The photos were taken in Milford, NH at our home. There is no décor like that in the room or outside.

I was taking photos of my grandchildren. We were out in the porch which we seldom use because it’s unheated. That window views our side lot which is also unused because it’s so close to the neighbor. I didn’t see anything unusual until I looked at the photos that night and then I saw those alien-like images as if they were staring in the window at us. So the next day I went outside at the same time of day (3 PM I believe as it’s been a year now) to see if there were any branches or anything that might cast those illusions, but I cannot account for the spherical shapes of their heads or the dark eyes.

So what do you think? Do you know of any other sightings in this area?

Second Response of Witness: OK I will send the original photos. Please do black out the faces. I do think the WHOLE photo is better.

No, no one was playing a trick on me. This is not something that is a topic of conversation with my friends or family, so no one would have any reason to create anything suggestive of visitors. In fact, I only shared these photos with the family. This was more as a curiosity. No one was alarmed.

The photos were taken with this I-Pad. Yes, this is the first time I have reported this. It’s just trivia for me, but I felt compelled to share it with someone who knows more and might find it helpful in their research just in case it is relevant.

Any other occurrences? Ha ha ha not of THIS. You wouldn’t believe it.

I am not alarmed or frightened in any way. I am not convinced that these are just shadows, but I’m not one to obsess over it.

Thank you for telling me about the Betty and Barney Hill case…I will Google that.

I’ll send the original photo separately. I don’t know how to attach (no computer skills). PLEASE black out the faces.

Third Response of Witness: I read your posting. It was very good, but Hmmm I didn’t think they were transparent. I thought the lines across them were anterior. That’s why I went outside to check to see if there were branches like that behind them and there were not, but I guess they could be transparent. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

You are right. I sure did capture something unusual. I expect that now I will be more attentive to stories about the extraterrestrial.

Fourth Response of Witness (Questions were posed about pillow designs on the couch that could have caused a reflection): The one pillow is a small bed pillow with a sham that matches the quilt over the couch. It is not wide enough to reflect TWO heads in the window. We initially thought that perhaps the heads of my two grandsons cast those shadows, but then we dismissed that idea because the BACKS of the heads wouldn’t appear as the FACES of the two alien images. It’s very odd indeed. I have a difficult time just dismissing it. It’s too real like two beings looking in the window.

Do you have any similar reports anywhere in the country not just NH.

I’ll have to research infrared light imagery now. That is very interesting.

Note: At first I thought that the images were reflections, but given the response of the witness that does not seem likely. Perhaps someone could have been playing a joke on the witness? Or perhaps the images are real? The images are transparent and the background of the outdoors can be seen through them. It is not believed that the photos have been fabricated. The original photos have been requested. (Only one of the photos is displayed in this report.)

Update 1/5/2014: The witness has sent the two original photos and there is no evidence that the photos were fabricated. I believe that the images in the window could very well be entities.

Update 1/6/2014: The witness stated that paranormal activity has been common in their house. The house was build in 1920.  (See description below.)  I have often thought that UFOs, aliens, ghosts and paranormal activity are related.  Perhaps these phenomena are higher dimensional or parallel universes.

Witness Description of Paranormal Activity: Now that I’m reading about Grey Aliens, I have come to understand that they are typically 5 feet tall.  I am guessing that the window on my porch is about 5 feet from the ground.  I’m going to measure it tomorrow just to satisfy my curiosity.

I have been comfortable sharing with you. Now I might as well tell you what else has gone on in this house:

It is not Grey Aliens though.  It is ghosts, or Angels.  In truth is there a difference? Spirits are spirits although I would prefer an Angel and not a demon.  This does not relate to your specialty of aliens and UFO’s, but it is beyond the norm and a true story that you will probably enjoy (since you have an interest in energies beyond us).  Again I have only shared this with family. Most people are frightened by the unknown so I keep it to myself.

I often wonder if old houses attract the spirits Ours was built in 1920.  When we first moved here in 1988 we thought there was something strange going on because the computer would turn off and on on it’s own and the door would open and close on it’s own.  We used to laugh and say: “It’s ghosts,” but not really believing that.  But for quite a few years that went on and only in one room.  Then something happened that really enlightened me.  I’m guessing this was around 1992 or 1993.  I was woken up by a very loud commotion. It was like a party was going on in my house.  It was about 1:30 AM.  I really thought that my oldest son was having a party and I was annoyed that he would do such a thing on a school night.  He was no longer in school, but his younger brother was.  So I fairly ran down the stairs to let him know just what I thought of his bad choice. I reached the closed door to that room that I mentioned (with ghost-like activity) and I could hear the noise through the door. It was just like you would hear if you approached a closed door to a party. There was lots of loud conversation, but I was not able to hear what people were saying. All of the conversations created loud mumbles. I briskly opened the door and I had a quick view before it all disappeared.  The room was filled with smoky oval figures and they were all hovering up near the ceiling.  And as soon as I opened the door the noises stopped and the figures disappeared.  Well, I didn’t know what to think of that!  I walked through the room, checked on my oldest son, who was sound asleep and not responsible for any of this.  This was very strange in deed. I do not drink, take no hallucinogens and I am not prone to hysteria or any kind of drama.  So I went back to bed.  I must have fallen right back to sleep because the next thing I knew I was awakened again by that same noise.  THIS time I was more cautious.  I had that previous glimpse so now I was more stealth like in my approach to that room.

I walked down the wooden steps avoiding all of the creaky sound spots on the planks. I slowly approached the door. I listened to the mumblings inside the room, but I still couldn’t understand what was being said.  I fixed my eyes toward the ceiling before I gently and slowly turned the door knob and opened the door a crack.  As soon as the seal of the closed door was broken the noise stopped.  But I got a good look at the figures that were hovering near the ceiling.  The room was filled with them, but one was hovering a head size above the others.  I shouldn’t say “head” because the shapes were oval (potato-like), hazy but not transparent. I could not see through them.  I could see that all of their pseudo-heads tilted downward and their eyes all looked at me.  I did not notice any mouths, but this was all quick.  The one on my left that was raised the highest said “she sees us” and puff, they were gone.  Now I definitely heard that, but it wasn’t a voice like you and I have, but it was more than an impression. I don’t know what to call it.  I immediately got the feeling that they had broken some rule and couldn’t stay because I could see them.  The room felt loving.  I did not feel threatened in any way.

The next day I started researching ghosts.  I have never paid much attention to people’s claims of seeing ghosts.  I was very surprised to read that there are so many respected stories and a legitimate organization in London.  I even discovered that there is a restaurant right up the street from me (The Country Tavern) that has been written up because of its many encounters with a ghost.  I learned that ghosts often return annually and that they may have their gathering at the same place every year.  So I marked it down in my appointment book and one year later I slept on the couch in that room hoping to see more activity.  But nothing returned.  In fact, I have not seen them since and those quirky little noises, computer activities, door opening and closing incidences have ceased.

That night I became a believer in altered dimensions, paranormal, something stronger and smarter than you or I.  I think about it every now and then and wonder if they were ghosts or Angels…and if the spirits are alike…except that Angels would have Heavenly intent and ghosts would just be random spirits.  My imaginings are just imaginings because I just don’t know.  Isn’t that quite an incident?

When I start to think about altered dimensions, I think 1st of something simple.  Like water.  It can be a liquid, solid (ice), or vapor depending on it’s environment.  So why can’t other things be altered depending upon it’s environment.  And then when I really think out of the box I have realized that we came into this world as a liquid…then birthed as a solid…and then leave this earth as a spirit ( or vapor).

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