November 3, 2013 – Saltillo, Mexico – 1:45 AM Local Time



Description: Sunday at approximately 1:45 AM while approaching the entrance of Saltillo, MX from Monterrey we suddenly observed what looked like a streak of light of red and blue? The objects was traveling at a high rate of speed the same direction on our right side as were traveling. It appeared that before it hit the earth it sort of vanished. It was awesome!

Additional Report From Witness: No, I did not take the photo. I found the closest thing to the real thing in this photo on the internet. It was dark and were driving on the desert just like the picture. The entire incident just occurred too fast for me to take a picture. But I got as close as to the real thing from the internet. The fireball was small, but large enough for the naked eye. It went over us from north to south towards the earth on a horizontal angle. What caught my attention was the brilliant colors of blues and red. My wife sitting on the passenger side said it was white.

Like I said before it was awesome. It occurred between one and two Sunday morning. We just passed most of the mountain and this part where it happen was flat terrain. I felt it was going to hit close by us, but it continues it’s journey towards the city of Saltillo then it vanished before impact. We were between 10 or 20 miles before entering Saltillo. The night was very cool. MY wife said it was cold!

I am a retired peace officer from Houston, TX. I retired in Saltillo, MX.

Note: The object was likely a meteor. However, the American Meteor Society (AMS) did not receive any reports from Mexico during the timeframe of the sighting. Most of the AMS sightings are received from the U.S.

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  1. robin brown says:

    This photo (I know he didn’t take it) is what that orange red orb looked like crossing the sky in front of me. It was bright like that until I put on my sun glasses. Then I could see the shape and color of it. I don’t think it was a meteor. He described seeing red and blue streaks as well.

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