November 30, 2014 – Lava Hot Springs, Idaho – 12:15 AM MST



Description: My husband and I were watching TV at 12:15 AM on Nov 30th, 2014 when we noticed that the lights in our home started dimming slowly. My husband thought that he saw lightning outside towards the mountains to the NW. He went out on our upper deck to see. He started calling me to come outside immediately. I went out and observed bright lights flashing all around us in all directions. They were pulsating one color after another. They were red, then green, then blue, orange, and purple. There was a humming noise that seemed to pulse along with the lights. This went on for several minutes and then turned a solid bright florescent green all around us. Our electricity went out all over our area for two and a half days thereafter. Imagine the Northern Lights times a thousand, plus the loud noise accompanying it. I have the lights on my tablet for several seconds before my battery went dead. There are several videos that were taken at that time by the locals here. Whatever we saw that night was definitely not coming from the ground up. I have more details if you are interested in hearing them.

Response of Witness to Investigator Questions: William, Thank you for such a quick response to my report. We really didn’t know who we could tell our sighting to. I don’t have photos. I just have several seconds of video on my Samsung tablet. The power company (Rocky Mountain Power) said that they had several transformers go out at the time which explained our power loss. The transformers blew out only AFTER the lights in the sky had stopped. My Dentist lives right above the power plant, and stated to me that the transformers blew up all at the same time after the sky had completely cleared. Every person who saw these lights and sounds felt that we were being attacked in some way from above. In my video, you can hear my apprehension and fear at the time of the lights. The lights were continuous all around us, and were NOT small blinking lights. Several others have videos of the event, but I don’t know if they want to share them. I have one friend who said that they would share their video with me. I will forward it to you when he sends it to me. He is not here right now, but will return shortly. If you want to talk to my Dentist, I will ask her if she’ll talk with you. She is a very reliable witness to the whole event on Nov 30th, 2014. When I called the power company to see what caused the power outage, the woman at customer support told me that she had been working at her position for many years, and that this was the very first time that all the transformers blew at the same time. She stated that it had happened at the same time in several other smaller communities as well. Also it was never mentioned on any of our local news stations here in SE Idaho. Every person who witnessed this strange occurrence that I talked to, had the same feelings of impending global devastation. Thank you letting me finally tell someone outside of our community what we witnessed that night.

Information Received from Witness on January 18, 2014: Hello again. I’m trying to gather more contacts for you as to the incident in the sky on 11/30/2014. I talked to another witness yesterday who also saw the lights from a lower elevation near Lava Hot Springs. This person is a Fireman, EMT and Rancher. He is quite credible and well respected in our community. Many other people from our area also witnessed the lights that night as I’m told when I go to town. I tried to send the video to you, but instead something went wrong and my tablet deleted it. I’m very disappointed that this has happened. This is a new tablet, and I’m not much of a computer person. I now have to ask someone with a PC retrieve it for me. As soon as it’s retrieved, I will send it to you from the PC. I will continue to try and get other videos for you to observe. The lights were videotaped as far as Montpelier, Idaho as well. I will keep in touch. Thank you for your interest. By the way, Dr Richard O’Conner’s comment was very well received and we thank him for his interest in our sighting.

Note: Doppler weather radar for nearby Pocatello, ID shows that rain showers were in the area at the time of the sighting. However, the surface temperatures were in the upper 30’s. These temperatures are not normally conducive to thunderstorm activity. However, thunderstorms cannot be ruled out. I don’t believe that a thunderstorm would cause as extensive of an outage that was noted by the witness.

Update – January 18, 2015: An article in the East Idaho News talks about the power outage in Eastern Idaho. As of Dec. 4, 2014 there were still nearly 49,000 customers without power. No date was listed for when the outage started:

(IDAHO FALLS, ID) — Rocky Mountain Power customers continue to be without power. As of 8:30am this morning there were 48,806 customers in the dark. The Utility is saying the outage extends from Rexburg to Shelley. It has been determined the outage was at its Blackfoot substation. They are calling it an Energy Emergency Interruption. Crews have been dispatched to fix the problem. Also around 2-thousand Fall River Electric customers in Jefferson and Madison counties do not have power. That failure is at their Ririe and Rexburg substations and is tied to the Rocky Mountain failure. Rocky Mountain Power has not given a time for complete restoration.

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8 Responses to November 30, 2014 – Lava Hot Springs, Idaho – 12:15 AM MST

  1. Jared says:

    I was also told by several other people that a phenomena called “ball lightening” may have been what caused it. Though no one could explain all the colors. It wasn’t like the aurora. It was slow fading and rapid it seemed, pulsating in a very unnatural way.

  2. Jared says:

    I have video of this event. It’s not great. It was given to me second hand by someone at the Blue Moon Bar standing outside when it happened. The video more or less shows the multicolored lights and then a big Green flash at the end. The flash is the substation exploding I expect. I was there that night and I’ll never forget it. It is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Every transformer on every power pole in town exploded as well.To be honest I thought it was the end of the world until it stopped.

  3. Amy Pentz says:

    My husband and I were staying in Lava for 2 months. We were there during the power outage. We saw stuff. Ultimately, it drove my husband insane and we got divorced. But yes, we saw the lights and heard the noise. We were there from Nov 29, 2014 to Feb 20, 2015

    • Administrator says:

      Hi: It is good to know that other “independent” witnesses experienced the power outage and other strange events that occurred. I was never able to get any information from the power company regarding the power outage.

  4. Barbara Griffith says:

    I hope video is sent as this should be really interesting to get a look at.

  5. Richard O'Connor, M.D. says:

    This is quite an event this woman has reported. Hopefully others in the Lava Hot Springs area may have additional information to contribute. Whatever caused such lights in the sky of many different colors, their home’s electrical service to dim, several transformers to suddenly malfunction, while leaving her and others with the feeling that they were “being attacked” must have been a powerful and highly unusual EM force. I don’t think a solar CME /aurora borealis would cause these effects in such a localized area. Lightening in this area in November seems highly unlikely. I wonder if Rocky Mountain Power has come up with an explanation for this event? How many transformers required repair/replacement? Did she send you her video? Why was the battery in her tablet so quickly drained of power? Has her dentist offered any input? Did anyone report seeing any UFOs in the area that night? This is a very interesting report Bill. Thanks for posting!

    • Administrator says:

      Yes, it is unlikely that thunderstorms could cause this event. I am hoping to interview more witnesses and to acquire video footage. Thanks for your comments.

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