November 4, 2013 – Deer River, Minnesota – 11:30 PM CST

Description: Last night around 11:30 PM at least 20 people that I know living in that area reported seeing multiple orbs in the sky. Some witnesses say it was multiple objects while some say it was one large object with multiple lights. Soon after seeing this object or objects military jets were seen engaging the object or objects going as far as to use weapons. This lasted close to an hour. After the object or objects were no longer visible four large military helicopters came into the area and searched the forest with spot lights for over two and a half hours. This event like I said before was witnessed by many in the area. And after watching the news and searching the internet I have seen no official reports. Some did take video of the events but only with phones so video is not clear all that can be seen is streaking lights. I my self was not a witness but many were. Witness and more information can be gotten if this is the kind of events you are looking for people to report. Thank you.

Note: This sounds like a military operation. A view search of Military Operations Areas (MOA) revealed that the Beaver MOA is in the area where the lights were observed.

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